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Single Passed Instanced stopped rendering right eye

Level 2



We are regularly building our game. And we always use Single Passed Instanced Rendering for Rift PC and Single Pass for Quest. Recently it turned out that the build is not rendering right eye correctly. Right eye is rendering only UI elements, and left eye seems to render everything two or three times, but duplicated elements are in totally weird positions and they move when we move head or hands in VR.


Only MultiPass rendering is working, but because of performacne reasons on Quest especially, we can't really use it.


We tested different(earlier) commits in our repository, but for different persons different commits are working, and different commit's don't. We also looked through all the changes, and we didn't do any ProjectSettings changes, Shaders changes, or Rendering Changes, that would cause Right Eye to stop rendering correctly.


What we've found extremally weird is that when we switch a License(for another Licesne we have purchased for our studio) in the UnityHub before opening the project, the next build that we perform is going to render right eye correctly with no problems.

On the next build however the build will again be corrupted and right eye will not render correctly. Again turning off unity and switching license helps, but that kind of process is really annoying.


We have no idea what connection there is between license and rendering, but there are no changes on our side that could affect rendering in any way.


Does anyone have the same problem or know how to resolve this?


Level 2

Bump. The problem still occurs.