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URP project with Oculus integration plugin with some textures are pink.

Level 3

Hi Everyone,

I opened a URP project on Unity 2020.1 and imported the new Oculus Integration plugin version ( v27)

to it and upgraded the project materials to URP. After that, I opened some examples of it and I got some objects/materials in Pink. I also got some errors in the Unity Console

-" Instantiating material due to calling renderer. material during edit mode. This will leak materials into the scene. You most likely want to use renderer.sharedMaterial instead." 

-"Component GUI Layer in Main Camera for Scene Assets/Oculus/VR/Scenes/Trivial.unity is no longer available"

It seems that the Default- Material in the Pink object was not converter to Lit one, for that reason, Does anybody know how to fix it?

Thanks in advance