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Unity: Oculus Integration version number

Level 2

Hello world,


is there any way of finding out the version number of an already installed / added Oculus Integration package in Unity? I couldn't find a ReadMe or another text file or a comment in the included scripts in the project that would tell me which version the Oculus Integration is.


Thanks in advance!


Level 4

One more reason why using version control + writing good commit messages helps 😉


A workaround would be to check the wrapperVersion in OVRPlugin.cs and cross-check that with the OVRPlugin version mentioned in the release notes here:


(E.g. if your current wrapperVersion is

public static readonly System.Version wrapperVersion = OVRP_1_59_0.version;


You can look through the release notes and find that Oculus Integration v27.0 was the one that shipped with OVRPlugin v1.59.