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Unity Pro 4 Month Trial is a bit pointless

Level 2
So we have a lovely Unity Pro 4 month Trial BUT you can only use it with a new Unity account,  so you cannot access any of the Assets you may  have bought. 

Why on earth have they done that?

Level 7
To try to get more unity developer, remember, if it is free, you are the product.

You already use Unity, you are not the target and purpose for that email 🙂

Level 2
Sure... but Caveats are a bit pointless. Clearly I am unity Personal User, a 4 month taster is only going to tempt me to pay up... I am thinking about the Plus Membership. 

Level 8
Ack really? It's only for new accounts? If so, that's a bit useless.

Level 7
I can't click on the download unity button o_o

Level 2
The download link in the instructions will not work for me.  Anyone know where to download the trial?

Level 2
The email link doesn't work.....

Level 2
would anyone actually know how to get the code, the link in the mail doesn't work, just getting an error after login - throwing me onto the support pages, where I can't actually ask for any support with a free unity pro trial...


Level 5
I also can not get the code... Had no idea it was for v4 before i came here to find answer...

They seem to be trying to fulfill a promise with the least effort possible IMHO

Level 4
I have the same issue, I clicked on the "Unity Pro" button in my Oculus order history (I ordered as guest) and then it disappeared. I did not receive an email or anything else.