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Unity game stuck "loading" on first run

Level 2

Our game developed in Unity (2019.4.10f1) will very intermittently fail to load on Rift S when it is run the first time. It sits at "Loading ...." in white infinity forever.


Logs indicate that around the time of this failure, there are a bunch of problems with (I assume) the Library service creating data for the "history" (or Library ? ) in C:\Program Files\Oculus\CoreData\Manifests and ..\CoreData\Software\StoreAssets  so it almost seems like Oculus may be busy gathering data about, again, this first run, and never get's around to actually allowing the the game to launch ? A timing issue ?


Is there a way to maybe "preload" this library stuff - or maybe turn it off, without requiring admin privileges, which we don't have ?


Again, it's intermittent, and only on first run of a game after initial distribution