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Using preview mode in Unity in mac Os

Level 2

Good morning,

I'm new to the forum, so thanks to whoever will answer my question. I tried to make my preview mode in Unity work with my oculus Quest 2, but it seems it is rather difficult, although i tried to follow many guides/tutorial and searched through the forum.


What i want to achieve:

As a developer i would like (if possible) to have the preview mode of Unity working directly in the editor with Quest 2, this means that if i click the play button i would like that my app starts and i can use the Oculus Quest 2 Controller + Hands tracking to interact with my application (for example just keeping the Oculus on top of my head in order to be able to change the code and "refresh" the app, without the need of re-deploy to the device).


What i was able to achieve:

Oculus is recognized from my laptop, everything works as expected, and i can build and run my application inside the device with no issue. It is just the preview mode that does not work inside Unity.


The question:

Is one of you guys able to run the preview mode directly with the Oculus controller? If there is one person that was able to do it i 'd like to know if there are some specific steps to add to get it working. Also, if not, is there any work around? This will improve dramatically the dev experience that otherwise is rather slow and not comfortable.


Just a note, i'm currently using the cable that was shipped with the Oculus to connect the device to my laptop and not the Oculus Link. Might this be the issue?



Mac OS Catalina

Unity 2019.4.20

Oculus Quest 2 with the latest update

All the latest packages from XR + Android.


Thanks a lot in advance!



Level 2

I really want to preview on my mac to develop unity.