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Video light emission

Level 2

I'm trying to make a video material emit light into the room,
according to the colors being shown in the video. I've tried using Video
Player component and map the video output to the TV materials emission,
and then updating realtime GI with the material. But even if the update
is per-frame, there is a delay of 150-200ms before GI have taken the TV
materials new emission video frame and used it to affect the

I also tried mapping video to a spotlight cookie, but it's limited to one color instead of using the videos colors.

This is ultimately what I'd like to achieve (seen in the Netflix and
Youtube apps from Oculus Store as well), where there's no delay between
video frame and environment lighting: (can't post links apparently) youtube dot com/watch?v=-RTVIolyEo0

I'm in Unity 2019.4 LTS.