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XR Rig camera with OVRManager

Level 2
I'm a bit confused about the compatibility of the XR Plugin and Oculus Integration download from the Asset Store. I need to use the OVROverlay script found in the Oculus Integration Package. This requires the OVRManager to be running - which is normally attached and initialized with the OVRCameraRig. Is it possible to use the OVROverlay without using the OVRCameraRig, using instead the XR Plugin's camera rig?

Level 3

did you find a solution for this?

Level 3

I'm just using the Unity XR system and none of the OVR stuff and it works well. I do still, however, need to have the OVRManager on the player prefeb for it to work for some reason. I put it on the same object as the XR Rig