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Developer Distribution Agreement?

Hello, I have developing a game with Unity Engine for Oculus Rift S. When I use OVR Platform tools i get a error message (SS1) that tells me i have to agree developer distribution agreement but i couldn't find such a thing. Could you help me?SS1 unit...

Oculus Avatar LOD Switching

I am currently trying to implement adaptive level of detail on Oculus Avatars in my application and was wondering if there was any way to switch the Level Of Detail of an Oculus Avatar at runtime in an application? I have tried setting the LOD in Ocu...

JGriers by Level 2
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Account Linking and Unity

Hi I'm trying to link the account from my game to the Oculus account. I'm reading the documentation fromAccount Linking: Unity | Oculus Developers The problem is that there is not a single example of code anywhere. I'm trying to achieve this using Un...

APK runs on consumer Quest 2 but not OFB headset

I have been successfully building and installing my project on business headsets for months using Unity 2021.1. I switched to 2021.2 recently and now the APK won't run (crashes immediately) on an OFB headset even though it runs on a commercial headse...

Resolved! Testing without wearing headset?

Hi, I have a quest 2 headset and I'm learning to make a vr project in unity, but every time I make a change and want to test it I have to* put on the headset* and set up guardian boundaries again because it lost the guardian* and go back into oculus ...

Video player freezing on Quest 2

I have developed an app where videos(mp4) would be stored in the data path, loaded in runtime and played via Unity's Video Player. The app has been around since development in the original Quest and it runs smoothly. But recently we've experimented w...

MSAA not working with Quest and URP

I've been struggling the past few days trying to figure out why MSAA shouldn't be working on Oculus Quest when using URP (it works fine in editor though). I've tried different solutionsMy current setupUnity 2020.3.8f1 (64-bit)URP 10.5.1OculusIntegrat...

URP Settings.PNG Camera Settings.PNG
sree_g by Level 2
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Oculus IAP always returns success in Beta

When we upload our build to the Oculus Beta and try purchasing using the in app purchases, it always succeeds. Even if the cancel button is pressed in the checkout purchase, it seems that the LaunchCheckoutFlowCallback always returns with no error, a...

znayer0 by Level 2
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Oculus Spatial Reverb Without Early Reflections

Hello! I'm integrating Oculus Spatial reverb in FMOD. I want to disable early reflections and only have reverb because of performance cost. However, when I turn off "Reflections" on my spatial reverb in FMOD, the audio sounds the same as it does with...

Deadlocks on GPU - Unity Game on Quest

Recently, we have been encountering significant problems that we are struggling to resolve.Elven Assassin on Oculus Quest 1/2 stops rendering new frames during gameplay and after some time it throws players to Oculus Home. From our research, it seems...

Wenkly by Level 2
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OVRInput touch buttons always false

Hi all, The following code is always returning false, the only thing that works is trigger. void checkButtons() { print("OVRInput.GetDown(OVRInput.Button.One)"); print(OVRInput.GetDown(OVRInput.Button.One)); print("OVRInput.GetDown(OVRInput.Button.Tw...

Create a link button

I am trying to create in game buttons that will open up a page to my other games in the oculus store. I am building in unity for the Quest 2. Does anyone know how to do this?

Deadlocks on the GPU

Hi! Recently, we have been encountering another significant problem that we are struggling to resolve.Elven Assassin on Oculus Quest 1/2 stops rendering new frames during gameplay and after some time it throws players to Oculus Home.From our research...

Spatializer error with new projects

When I import Oculus Integration and then import Oculus via XR Management in a new 2020.2 project I get the following error:GUID [a57801270cf689244b48012cf9db1713] for asset 'Packages/com.unity.xr.oculus/Runtime/Android/arm64/libAudioPluginOculusSpat...

App keeps launching in a window on the Oculus Go

Hi all,I'm making a game for Oculus Go using Unity and everything has been working fine all week, then suddenly it started behaving very strangely.When I go Build and Run in Unity, it appears to build successfully, there are no error messages and uni...

AIEMelb by Level 2
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Gradle Build Error

I have built my project once and when i try to build again i get a Gradle Error(“ Gradle has edited unexpectedly”). The project ask builds successfully but when i try to build to Quest 2 it creates the previously stated Error.

build quest2 failed with gradle exception

I've posted my question in the unity forum:https: //forum.unity.com/threads/ build-quest2-failed-with-gradle-exception.1022092/I'm so sorry not post the detailed problem here.the forum tool is too hard to use.I don't want pay too much time to post it...

iOS Audio Spatializer for Unity?

I can't find a Spatializer solution that is comparable to the Oculus Audio Spatializer package, in terms of flexibility or sound quality, that can ship on iOS via Unity. Is there any hope that Oculus might make iOS plug-ins available? Since Google Re...