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VR canvas keyboard

Hi all,I've posted up a blog detailing how I built a canvas world-space keyboard for DK2/GearVR using look based input.I hope someone finds it useful and saves and few hours of effort!http://talesfromtherift.com/vr-canvas-keyboard/Cheers,Peter

Unity 5.2 - Left/Right eye GearVR issue

I'm looking to add stereo images as textures.The old way was: Layers for right and left eye, selected for each texture/camera.Now I have no way to tell the right/left eye to ignore/see the correct layers.Is there a method for this or an alternative m...

Reports of black render texture only on S6 GearVR

Hi, I have heard reports of a render texture I'm using being displayed as completely black, but only by people using the S6 version of the GearVR. I don't have an S6 to test with (only a Note4). The render texture is 512 x 512, ARGB32, no AA, with a ...

DK2 problems with unity 5 please help.

Ok so I have had the oculus dk2 for a while and wanted to make games for it. i got unity 5.1.3p2 (the recommended version) and tested with an empty project ( i already imported the oculus until.) and when i run it, it just stay for a few seconds then...

gnease by Level 2
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How Do We Layer Cameras using Utilites For Unity?

I'm finally able to do this properly using Unity's integrated VR support, but can't figure out how to do it using the prefabs that come with the Utilities for Unity.Using the native VR implementation, its a simple matter of attaching a second camera ...

Have Head Bone Rotate with OVR Camera Correctly

When i attach the camera to the head bone, it works fine, but when I program it to rotate the bone with one of the cameras, the head freaks out :/. any idea what to do to fix this???public Transform cameraObject; //I'm using a transform because I'm u...

Changing stereo separation

Is there still a way to change eye/stereo separation in unity?I was able to create second camera to render different things to each eye, but by default it gets same position as the main cam. Chnaging positions in updateanchors functions doesn't quite...

Oculus Audio in Unity

Oculus Audio SDK Plugins V0.11.3Does this work with the latest version of Unity and the Oculus Utilities? I had most everything setup well in Unity and then I imported the Unity package from the Oculus Audio SDK and things fell apart. Not sure if it ...

bcoyle by Level 4
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Unity 5.1 + Oculus Utilities 0.1.0 Updating

Please some help here.We are trying to update to SDK 0.7 our application:https://share.oculus.com/app/viewport-p ... experience The problem is, our application was able to show stereoscopic 360 panorama images, so we used to get individual control fo...

Unity Reflection Probes in VR

Am I doing this right?Create Reflection Probe- Type: Realtime- Box Projection, checkCreate Material for object with - Metallic: 1- Smoothness: 1This should get me a mirror finish with a box projected reflection. But in VR the 'reflection' looks flat ...

bcoyle by Level 4
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DK2 Unity 5 Game Crashing - Any ideas?

Sorry for the wall of text. Any help is appreciated!Long timer lurker, here. So over the summer, I've been tackling a huge Unity project (really my first one) working with a company to develop an Oculus Rift enabled racing sim to be played at an upco...

Asked for 'Open' version of my app.

I have an app I've made for an upcoming event, for which Samsung are sponsoring a large number of GearVR devices. When I asked them for the device IDs so that I could include them in my build they told me that I need to provide them with the 'open' a...

Unity 5.1.3p1 Crash

I had just got unity 5 and was having issues with appcrash after ending Play mode in editor only when the VR box was checked. Then saw the new patch today for 5.1.3p1 and thought maybe this would solve my issues... But now I can't even get into play ...

Uniy-DK2 Integration/ Unity build up demo

Hello,I'm a master student from Jordan, I have a problem in unity-Dk2 integration .. when I press build from file- build settings .. the outcome just and exe file and when I play it ..It runs with a one window not tow windows like the pre-build demo ...

Huge cpu usage spike when near meshes

I am experiencing a bizarre situation, my game comes to a crawl when I get near meshes in my scene. My framerate goes from 75fps down to 40fps. I am using windows 10, sdk 0.7, AMD gpu and Unity 5.1.2f1.What is really odd about it is, I can look at pl...

Curtis by Level 3
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Occlusion culling errors

I'm noticing some weird behavior related to occlusion culling. It seems some smaller props in my scene are wrongfully being occluded while in plain view. I've tried various occlusion settings but the only thing that fixes this is to disable occlusion...

MikeF by Level 10
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Different content on monitor

Hi guys,I have an issue in the devellopement of our software.Before the 5.1.3 It was possible to display gui text on the border's coin of the camera and those gui where not visible in the rift's screen.Now, due to the changes of the 5.1.3 it's imposs...

xoart by Level 2
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Limit Head Rotation Unity 5.x

Hey guys,I have a quick question for you! I've looked around the forum, but I wasn't able to find a clear solution.I need to limit the rotation of the OVR object inside Unity and this is due to a very linear purpose:-The player's POV is inside a powe...

jagged black flashing across right of vr display

I'm getting jagged black flashing across right of vr display. Anyone else seen this?I'm running:Oculus Runtime V0.7.0.0-betaUnity3d, v5.1.2Nvidia driver, v355.60Running Windows 7 64-bit, bootcamp through a RMBP. Geforce 650M GPU inside.I'm going to t...

bcoyle by Level 4
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5.1.1p3 & utilities pack OVRManager.display.isPresent

I'm currently in the process of updating an older app that used the legacy integration. The setup we have is meant to detect if the rift is present, if not then revert to a mono camera. The method used was OVRManager.display.isPresent, however this d...

MikeF by Level 10
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VR app for Unity 5.1.x and SDK 0.6.0

Is anyone aware of a stable freely-downloadable app that works perfectly with Unity 5.1 and DK2 SDK 0.6.0 in order to introduce people to VR and showcase Unity integration with Oculus Rift? Thanks

hmiri by Level 3
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Changing Build Folder Name Crashes

Hi guys,I ran into a really strange issue with our build at work.Unity 5.1.3Windows 7Runtime ModeWe delivered our build to our client who said that they couldn't get it to run as it crashes.This was odd because we tested it and it ran j...

sh0v0r by Level 3
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