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Comfortable forced crouching?

Hello guys,I have a question here. As I near the end of my next project, I have an idea. In a couple areas throughout my diorama game, I have placed some chairs. I disabled their collision boxes, but that's not quite enough.What I wish to do is creat...

SDK rendering in Unity

Hello, I was wondering if anyone had any information on exactly how to integrate SDK rendering into a Unity project rather than using the game engine rendering alternative. They talk about the use and benefits of SDK rendering here http://www.gdcvaul...

molton by Level 3
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Parenting camera inside crazy motion ride?

If I parent a OVRcamera controller inside my ride it seams to swim around in the ride. The person is not locked into the seat as I would aspect. If I parent a normal camera it works fine. If I look at the values of OVRCameraController and the Camera ...

momay by Level 2
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Is it me or does 0.3.2 just feel 'off' (FOV related)

I'm sure it's not just me, the fixes in 0.3.2 are much improved and there is no more stretching but the field of view feels a little bit off, it feels a tiny bit zoomed in to me. Not enough to ruin a game using this version of the SDK but definitely ...

Chaoss by Level 4
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For mouse events

Hai all, I am recently started working for Oculus VR with unity3d. An d i implemented in my first person related games also. Controlls are working good but i struggled with blur quality and texture flickering and head bobbing. An d more over my big i...

DirectX 11 tracking "inertia" in unity

After some experimentation with the unity intigration I've found that you get a strange "inertia effect" when moving your head when DirectX 11 is checked on in player options in Unity.The effect was first reported to me by drash after playing "The Ro...

UnityVR Classes Idea

I have been tossing around the idea of holding some classes on Unity and Oculus development here in Sacramento CA. The problem I have is unity SDK with Pro. Does anyone know of a way I can get around the pro requirement or maybe I should reach out to...

0.3.2 SDK Benchmarks and Quality

My 1st impression of 0.3.2 was not very good. I had not run the configuration utility and just tried to drop the new OVR controller in place in my project. The result was a slower framerate and much poorer image quality. So I came on here and read al...

ccs by Level 4
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How to remove in-game calibration menus?

Hi!Quick question, anyone know how to remove all the key triggers that come with oculus? Especially the "c" key, because I want to use it to crouch, because for now when my character crouches I have that calibration menu that comes up at the same tim...

Unity 4.6 UI system - Render to world space

Just been looking at the video for the new UI fetaures in 4.6 and noticed there's now an option to render to World Space for UI Canvas.Check 1:05 & 2:53-3:08.This should fix the issue with the current GUI problems in the Rift!All I've seen so far and...

Boff by Level 2
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Has anyone accessed/utilized the accelerometer information of the Rift in Unity yet? I'm reaching the point where this is my next task, and I am completely unsure where to start- thought I'd give asking a shot before I start digging through the OVRDe...

AliciaSA by Level 2
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about quality

hai everyone, My big problem is quality and antialising. My projects is looking like a blur and flikering , zittering etc...I used OCULUS RIFT DK1. I observed other demos like OCEAN RIFT and RIFTOON ovr related exes also with my same device. But thes...

For blur

Hai everyone, Textures quality are note good and my text also not visible properly (not readable) please give solution for that.

OVR Cameras like a orbit cameras

Hai, I implemented OVR Technology to my unity standalone simultions.In this case my OVR Cameras need to work like a orbit cameras.I didnt get perfectly. What can i do for that.Any body help me please.

raycast hit problem

hi all, I have a problem with raycast hit. I cant clicks objects properly and i cant do my mouse events properly like drag and drop and click functoins etc....,please give a solution to me please.Thanx in advance.

Data Cube Visualization

Hi everyone,I was wondering if any of you already had the idea to visualize a data cube within Unity. It seems to be very interesting but I have no idea how to begin with. I've found this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hssIjhsLCes . If you ha...

HydraDeck help

Hey.So I got the HydraDeck positional tracking working with my game. It works fine however there are some things I was looking to change, and also quite a large problem.Firstly the big problem. For some reason when I walk up to an object and turn lef...

NullReferenceException - Camera Offset problem

Hi guys, I'm attempting to port a project over to the Oculus and I've been having a lot of success so far but I've now hit a problem that is confusing me.I've got a game that starts at the menu screen with a camera facing one way and then it moves ba...

BlueHat by Level 2
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Field of view

Hello,i wrote simple script to zoom camera by modyfing Fild of view.In editor everything works fine, but after running build on oculus it doesnt work at all. Build with single camera - without OVR camera worsk great. On oculus field of view is fixed ...

lazniak by Level 2
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Previous Unity version availablitly

I was wondering what happens if I upgrade Unity and I want to go back to a previous version but I updated to it and I don't have the installer files, can I get them from Unity or are they no longer available after a newer version comes out. Thanks

molton by Level 3
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Getting head rotational data

For the life of me I can't find any documentation on using the OVRDevice class, am I barking up the wrong tree? I just want to get the angular velocity or orientation but usingOVRDevice.GetAngularVelocity()is expecting arguments, the sensor and then ...

SDK v0.3.1 Unity 4 Pro Integration discussion

New topic. Oculus SDK v0.3.1 Preview Unity 4 Pro Integration general discussion.What are your thoughts? My initial impression is that I like how the FOV edges fade/blur off. But after playing in tuscany for a little bit, I'm noticing slight distortio...

Jose by Level 7
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Anti aliasing causes right eye to turn white

For some reason any time I turn any level of anti aliasing on for a build I'm getting a white feed in the right eye. I'm having no issues in editor though.I'm running:MacUnity 4.1.2SDK 0.2.1Only thing I've found similar on the forums seems to be fixe...

OVR sdk 0.3.1 unity 4.1 errors

I've been getting errors when I add the new OVR integration package for unity.First I get the error about antialiasing:Assets/OVR/Scripts/OVRCamera.cs(116,30): error CS1061: Type `UnityEngine.RenderTexture' does not contain a definition for `antiAlia...

OVRPlayerController Jump

I am looking Using the OVRPlayerController Script to try and make the player jumpWhen I link the Function Jump() to a Button the player jumps but only vertically - you lose any directional momentum? Any ideas?

prowl by Level 2
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TextField for writing

Hi everyone, I explain my issue: I want to create a cube (instanciate a prefab) at a certain position. I want that if the player push "I" by example, a window pop in which he would be able to write numbers. Then I want that number to modify attribute...