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Teleportation location issue

I updated the oculus SDK for my Unity project and now the teleportation mechanics seem to be different. It used to teleport the player directly onto where the teleport destination was regardless of where in the playspace they were. Now it teleports t...

LocalAvatar hands - disable shadow casting

Is there a way to disable shadows being cast from the hands included in LocalAvatar?Since there's no associated Mesh renderer I can't just simply set "Cast Shadows" to Off, and there doesn't seem to be an option in the Ovr Avatar script.

animating hand mesh using XR Rig?

Wonder if anyone has experience of using the Model section under XR Controller script on the LeftHand/RightHand Controller of the XR Rig? I was hoping it may be possible (as in easy) to use the animated hand mesh from the old Oculus package - tick on...

foj by Level 2
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XR Rig with Animated Controllers/Hands tutorial?

Has anybody managed to get an XR Rig with animated controllers/Hands going in Unity 2020?I need to use 2020 on the Quest 2 for the Vulkan API but I cant find any example anywhere showing animated controllers/hands with XR Rig. Am I missing a sample s...

djlins3 by Level 3
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Cross-platform input for Valve Index

Hi,we are using Oculus integration 1.42 cross-platform input for Oculus Rift & Steam VR. On HTC Vive it is working but not on Valve index. For example left thumbstick and left hand grip are not working. Are there any other button mappings or should w...

kexar by Level 2
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Undefined symbols for architecture armv7 Issue

Hi All, I am developing crossplatform application using oculus SDK. When I trying to build IPA file for iPhone from xCode build, It shows error like following.Undefined symbols for architecture armv7: "_ovrLipSyncDll_ProcessFrameEx", referenced from:...

OVRInput.GetDown() always returns false

OVRInput.Get() always returns false while OVRInput.GetDown() works correctly for buttons. Joystick values are correct. It happened in both Oculus Rift link+Unity editor and apk cases. I'm using Unity 2019.4.11 and Oculus Quest, and have tried both th...

zdh3110 by Level 3
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OVR Mechanic

I'm trying to add a play space mover to the game I'm making and can't quiet figure it out. Anyone have any ideas?

Avatar Scale

I'm starting to develop with Oculus and I want to create a diorama style game. I don't want to rescale all the assets. Is there a way to globally scale the camera position and tracking? I want to be a giant over looking a tiny world, sort of like mos...

olas72 by Level 2
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Video Players bugged on Oculus Quest in Unity

Hi!In my game I have a few quads with the video player component on them. They are all playing different videos at the same time but when I start the game on the Oculus Quest it is as if all players are playing all clip at the same time as the quads ...

Video freezes on first frame

Hi thereI'm develop a simple player for 360 video in Unity 2019.4.3, using last version of AVPro plugin/exoplayer on Oculus QuestAnd sometimes my files are freezing on first frame, sometimes notVideos in H256 codec 5760x2880 35mbps 30 minutes long wi...


Does anybody know if it is possible to get the dominant hand from the XR plugin, instead of the oculus integration?

etk82 by Level 2
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GearVR with multiview

Hi, I am using the 1.1.5 oculus xr plugin for gearvr support. The problem is that when switching to multiview, I have an empty scene, no skybox and objects. Although the profiler shows that it continues to draw and see objects.also 2019.4.12f1 unity ...

Hobodi by Level 2
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Missing app icon in android smartphone

I noticed that the app icons do not appear on the smartphone screen, after updating unity3d to 19.2.17 and Oculus to 1.18.0. They are hidden somewhere deep in the GearVR Service. How do I move them to the home screen?