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Unity: Oculus Integration version number

Hello world, is there any way of finding out the version number of an already installed / added Oculus Integration package in Unity? I couldn't find a ReadMe or another text file or a comment in the included scripts in the project that would tell me ...

InputDevice.TryGetBoundaryPoints() returns no points

I have been developing a game in VR since 2019, I had originally been building it for steamVR, but just purchased the Oculus Quest 2 and am converting it to work with the Unity XR Interaction Toolkit.A fundamental feature of the game is it knowing yo...


Hi, I'm trying to build a test application using unity after changing PC (it use to run and work fine). Now when I try to build and run I get this very long list of errors:Any idea of how to deal with this problem? Thanks. CommandInvokationFailure: U...

Handtracking and Unity UI

Hey everyone.Since we dont have hand tracking in-editor via Link (Guys please tell me this is coming, dont see how handtracking development will take off without it), I´m working on a small tool app to record and serialize hand poses for pose recogni...

Simple camera control

https://youtu.be/aYRUYtSFBCw https://youtu.be/8m9zVJL5CyI Just wanted to share this incase it helps anyone. This script moves and rotates the camera in a way that it gives the illusion that you are picking up the entire world and looking at it. (Real...

Play Not Working in Unity with XR Toolkit and Link

When I select "Play" in Unity editor, I do not see the VR playing in my headset. Link is working and my desktop fully connects to the headset. For example, I can build to the headset. I am using XR Toolkit. I have link enabled and when I hit play I c...

davedev by Level 3
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Aligning world with Guardian Play Area

I seem to be at a loss for I have been working on this problem for the last couple of days.I am trying to create a game where the player walks through the environment by walking around their play area given it meets the requirements (7 ft x 7 ft). I,...

XR Rig camera with OVRManager

I'm a bit confused about the compatibility of the XR Plugin and Oculus Integration download from the Asset Store. I need to use the OVROverlay script found in the Oculus Integration Package. This requires the OVRManager to be running - which is norma...

bmoose0 by Level 2
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Oculus Integration Hand Tracking

Hello Team,I'm running across an issue with the Oculus integration package. I'm unable to activate hand tracking or use controllers. I'm currently building out a scene in Unity and everything works. I was able to fix the issue temporarily going into ...

Oculus Integration as custom package dependency

Hi, is there a way to declare Oculus Integration as a dependency or have it linked somehow to a custom UPM package? I am trying to build a custom core package with Quest hand-tracking setup and a couple of features to be able to reuse them in multipl...

Resolved! Error after update HandPhysics.cs

Whats does this mean?Assets/Oculus/SampleFramework/Core/HandsInteraction/Scripts/HandPhysics.cs(110,22): error CS1061: 'OVRPlugin.BoneCapsule' does not contain a definition for 'Points' and no accessible extension method 'Points' accepting a first ar...

Question regarding installation of a codec

Hello, we recently ported an app from quest to rift so it runs natively on PC, the main function of the app is to play 360 videos. The app needs a codec to play these videos properly. If I understand the oculus store guidelines we must not create an ...

Vilyo by Level 2
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OVRInput.get() functions not working

I am trying to write a simple function to get a button click from OVR.Input and the .Get() and .GetDown() functions always return false. The controller works to grab objects with the triggers and the hands and fingers move accordingly in the game so ...