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Oculus integration via Package Manager?

Hi. Are there any plans for supplying Unity Oculus integration via Package Manager instead of the Asset Store? This would have many advantages - like a lot more straight forward way to update/manage the package and the fact that the package manager p...

Quest build using 4 bones?

Hey. So when I play my scene in the editor, my characters skinning looks fine. But when I send the build to the Quest I get jagged joint bends, like the Quest is only using 1 or 2 bone skin weighting. How do I build the scene with full skinning? I th...

Unity Oculus Platform SDK Permission Issues

When I include the Oculus Platform SDK for unity it has code that forces unity to add the 2 permissions below I can remove the audio permission by modifying some of the code from the Oculus Platform SDK but this is a pain and I would prefer a soluti...

Localization in Unity

I'm in the process of setting up the different languages for our game. Unfortunately, I cannot find any documentation on how to get the current language setting which is set in the Oculus app. Inside of unity, I have tried checking Application.system...

Wendall by Level 3
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Add mesh collider to hands?

Is there a way to add mesh colliders to the OVRPlayerController hand components? I'd like to have very accurate collision detection for them

JSW97 by Level 3
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No RawButton or RawTouch events for A and X buttons

I've been using the Button.One (etc.) Events for an application for a while but want to switch to the Raw Events because it's essential that right and left controllers don't switch. I'm getting events for all buttons, triggers and thumbsticks but not...

Disable Oculus Go calibration screen.

Hi.I am developing a business application in Unity that plays pre-loaded videos. When the user takes off the headset it resets itself so when the user puts the headset back on, playback is restarted.The issue is when you take off the oculus go a coun...

DllNotFoundException: ovrplatformloader Oculus Go

I am trying to build and run the social starter on the Oculus Go, but the sphere is always black. When I checked by log I see...07-13 21:16:31.681 5083 5099 D Unity : Unable to lookup library path for 'ovrplatformloader', native render plugin support...

raeldor by Level 4
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DllNotFoundException: ovrplatformloader

I am trying to build and run the social starter, but the sphere is always black. When I checked by log I see...07-13 21:16:31.681 5083 5099 D Unity : Unable to lookup library path for 'ovrplatformloader', native render plugin support disabled.07-13 2...

raeldor by Level 4
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Oculus Integration for iOS Unity 3D

Hi, I have a project running in android for oculus go in development phase using oculus integration SDK for unity. When i switch platform for ios to build an application to be played on oculus go for iphone, i cannot add VR supported device in projec...

Multiplayer App Background Music Syncing

I'm developing a multiplayer VR app in Unity with Photon. I want to have background music which is in sync for all players. But what's happening with what I've tried so far is that the music starts from the beginning for each player as they enter the...

Audio Spatializer plugin causing crash on exit

Hi all,We're getting an issue where our app crashes on quit. The error log shows: "AudioPluginOculusSpatializer.dll caused an Access Violation (0xc0000005) in module AudioPluginOculusSpatializer.dll" (full error log attached)Have tried removing and r...

TCP Connection broken in Recent Update

I've been using WinSock2 to have the Oculus Quest as a client for a C++ server. It's been working fine during development for quite a while until a recent update on the Quest. I don't know what changed in the past 2 weeks, but something broke the TCP...

Oculus Quest Height problems in Unity

Hi,I'm having lots of problems with the height tracking in Unity on the Quest.The tracking is often off due to the Quest's built-in system, when I quit my game, the environment is off.However sometimes in the problem clearly resides in Unity and when...

isjtar_ by Level 2
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Replacing the mesh in customHands

Hi,I'm trying out the customHands in the Sample framework of the Oculus integration. "Assets/Oculus/SampleFramework/Core/CustomHands". they work fine and have nice animations. However, now I have this model of a glove that I would like to replace the...

Generate 3D models of controllers

Hello,I am now using a range of virtual reality tools in Unity, and I would like to be able to use Oculus asset to generate 3D models of controllers.However, I can't use the OVRManager script since it interacts directly with the camera. But when the ...

Firewall rule sets

Hi,I am currently developing a multiplayer VR Experience in Unity with Oculus SDK Integration. Our company has some strict Firewall settings and I need to tell our IT department IP Addresses ports and protocols for new rules sets.My current issue is,...

OD1_ITS by Level 3
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Business Solution Sensor Bypass

I have heard that there is a way to bypass the 'looking for sensor' error when using third party tracking solutions for business development. Can someone tell me how this works? Is it a special build of the Oculus SDK?

Jitter moving a simple object using Unity in VR

I have a problem that I don't know because there are so few people who suffer it too.I am making a game where I need to move an object over the scene from one point to another using code.The problem is that when I see the object move using the VR gla...

ttgjou by Level 2
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