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Changing Scenes with Unity 2019.3.0.

I have two scenes in my build. Scene 1, menu, and Scene 2, game. I have a simple SceneLoader script on a button in Scene 1 which should link it to Scene 2. using UnityEngine; using UnityEngine.SceneManagement; public class SceneLoader : MonoBehaviour...

OBB Extension File

I was wondering how to properly install an obb file onto an Oculus Go device after building. I have tried build and run right onto the device from unity as well as sideloading the apk through adb then dropping the obb file in the proper spot but ever...

Oculus Go Network Issue on opening Socket

Hi,I try to open a socket on my unity application but it fails.The code can run on android device or unity player but not on oculus.My code IPAddress ipAddress = this.LocalIPAddress(); IPEndPoint localEndPoint = new IPEndPoint(ipAddress, 11000); try ...

libovravatar.dll not found

I'm using Windows 10.I have installed the Oculus runtime from the site https://www.oculus.com/setup/ and located it on "D:\Oculus".I created a symlink in "C:\Program Files\Oculus".I'm using Unity 2018.3.0f2 Personal, and have downloaded the Oculus In...

How to place a 3D image in the UI.

Hi, I'm looking for a way to place 3D images in the UI, as you can see in the Oculus Store and Library etc... Of course I also want these to be clickable. I can't find this information on the Oculus developer pages or in other tutorials.Does anyone ...

Jepplen by Level 3
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OVRHaptics causing dropped frames.

Hello!I've recently run into an issue where OVRHaptics is causing my application to drop frames. The issue seems to be OVRHaptics calling a function called Config.Load() every 0.5s or so. The function is heavy and causes a ~10ms spike. I would assume...

How to sign Gear VR APK using Signature Scheme V1?

Reposted from Unity Forums.Hi,I'm using Unity 2017.2b but this error also occurred in 2017.1. I'm trying to build an APK for distribution in the Oculus store. Signed APKs nowadays are generated using Signature Scheme V2, which Oculus does not support...

Lauren by Level 4
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how to get my Safe Play Area in game?

Hello every one,I want to ask that how to get my Safe Play Area in game?I use unity to develop.I just want to get the center position in safe play area,and notice player to move close to center position.

UI creation guide

Hi,I am look for a nice UI guide on how to make buttons and switch between scenes for Unity.I have tried several general unity UI guides (non were for Oculus Go), but my buttons doesn't work and I don't know which render mode to choose.Does anyone ha...

Jepplen by Level 3
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Virtual Keyboard - Oculus GO

Hello!We are implementing a virtual keyboard for the oculus go using Unity's Native UI system (UGUI). We've modified OVRInputModule to support the Oculus GO controller and we are able to interact with UGUI elements. Our problem is, whenever you click...

graves3d by Level 2
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Removing manifest permissions

Hello!I have issues with the following manifest permissions, which I don't need or use in my app:android.permission.RECORD_AUDIOandroid.hardware.microphoneandroid.permission.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGEI've overcome this by selecting skip permissions = true...

ki7a by Level 3
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Closing the Oculus App Crashes Unity

Pushing play on any of the demos scenes in the unity sdk will open the Oculus app, if you close it at any time unity will crash about 25-30 seconds later.I know you get a warning saying it will close any app your running in vr but why does the unity ...

Lights Flashing in Left Eye (Unity 2019, Quest)

I'm in Unity 2019.2.12f1 using Oculus 1.43At seemingly random times the lights in my scene flick off in just the left eye. The lights are marked as mixed and baked.I've replaced the OVRCameraRig Prefab and believe it's back to the original settings.I...

wadamw by Level 3
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Disabling OVRPlugin doesn't work properly

I'm working on a project for both oculus (OculusGo and GearVR) and cardboard platforms.When I build for oculus paltform I can run the app with no problems.When I build for cardboard I have no problem, but after installing, the icon doesn't appear in ...