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Oculus Platform VRVoiceChat Sample App for Oculus Quest

Hello everyone.I am trying to build the VRVoiceChat sample app for my Oculus Quest.I followed the prerequesite here : https://developer.oculus.com/documentation/platform/latest/concepts/book-sampleapp/Then I had an issue with the android manifest, bu...

Fangh by Level 3
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Oculus Touch and UI how to guide for Unity.

Hey, guys! So I'm having a little trouble understanding and setting up the Oculus touch UI in my own game. I'm not new to Unity and I've downloaded and studied the Oculus Sample Frmwrk, yet I can't seem to understand the steps on how to implement the...

App ID, User ID

The User ID of the user who created the App ID is called up, but the User ID of the other user is not loaded. I can not implement a Custom Avatar between users. Only the avatars of the user who created the App ID are personalized.

Rotate camera within OVRCameraRig

Hi,so what I am trying to do, is to change the OVRCameraRig's position and rotate the CenterEyeAnchor afterwards, so it is facing the point it was looking at before the position change.This worked for a normal camera but somehow it doesn't work for t...

DomBey by Level 2
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Is there a way to disable asymmetric FOV?

As seen here and here, various stereo shader effects break in Unity versions that has asymmetric FOV rendering enabled (2017.4.11f1 and above). Neither of the aforementioned threads ended with the problems being fixed. While fixing those shaders to a...

How to set the audio on unity

Hi everyone! I'm currently working on an art project that involves a one scene VR game built on untity and I'm kind of stuck on something! here is my set : I have the oculus headset plugged to my laptop, with sensors and all (pretty usual), but I als...

[UNITY 3D] OVR Camera Rig stucks in Animation

Hi,i made a small Scene with a Landscape , my OVR Camera Rig and a small "fly Animation" (position change) with that rig. I unchecked the "loop" Option of the Animation, because i want the user to take Control of the camera after the Animation Ends. ...

Oculus Go - Grabbable / Grabber not working

I've tried following a couple tutorials for grabbing and finally found the Oculus sample framework called 'Room.' This is a room of cubes that should be grabbable and it builds just fine. I can move the "cube hand" just fine. I can inch forward and b...

Tiled Mutlires Level don't work on Quest build

Hey we have a problem with our current Oculus Quest game. Everything runs well except the Tiled Multires Level doesn't.I set it in the Awake of my VRManager. Also tried the Start function. OVRManager.tiledMultiResLevel = this.tiledMultiresLevel;In th...

ChrisEL by Level 2
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Oculus SDK didn't callback for standalone

Hi,I am following the oculus unity standalone example code for entitlement check but it didn't callback. (Update: it works with a build but not in UnityEditor. The following issue only exists with UnityEditor)try{ Core.Initialize(); Debug.Log($"Oculu...

Screenshots don't work for my app

I'm trying to take screenshots for my submission to the store but the screenshot functionality doesn't work for my app. My app is currently in the system as a beta so I can open and play it on the Oculus go but when I try to take a screenshot it swit...

[Oculus Go] UnityWebRequest progress always 0.

Hi,When downloading files using the UnityWebRequest and DownloadHandlerFile classes the progress is always at 0. When testing via Unity the progress updates just fine.Any ideas what could be causing this? Perhaps it is a bug.Thanks!

jstefan by Level 2
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Quest project won't run after upgrading to LWRP

I am using Unity 2019.1.3f1 and Oculus Integration 1.37. I just tried converting my project over to using the LWRP and now it won't run on my Quest. Is there something I might be missing? If there is a texture that didn't upgrade correctly, could tha...

Starting an OVRGrabbable Object as Kinematic

Is it possible to instantiate a gameObject as kinematic, but then after being grabbed have it not be kinematic? The desired effect being the object is frozen in the air to start, can be grabbed, but after release drops to ground. So before being grab...