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UI Canvas Setup - Gear VR

Hi,So I have looked through the forums and I am struggling to find out the best way to setup my UI Canvas so that its an overlay on the cameras. This is to overlay some HUD style interfaces that we need locked in the users view briefly.It would be go...

Reading refresh rate of connected HMD

Is it currently possible to get the refresh rate of the connected HMD? For Gear VR versus PC, we would just detect platform, we need to be able to set our fixed timestep to match framerate separately for DK2 and eventual CV1 players.Closest thing I'v...

Fps / draw calls / tris counter UI on Gear VR ?

Is there a built-in functionality to display fps / draw calls / tris counters for Unity+Utils apps/games?If not, has anyone implemented such UI and if so, can you please share your code ? Thanks.Ideally it would be better just having this panel:http:...

Gear VR multiple scenes slow game down

I´m pretty new developing for GearVR but and I´ve noticed the more scenes I have the choppier the game goes.Never bumped into this before althought I´m not that seasoned with mobile issues anyway. My scenes are pretty simple so it´s not that the scen...

SxKx by Level 5
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Broken Antialias on 5.2.1?

I just spent a couple of hours upgrading my 4.6.8p2 project to 5.2.1p2 and I've encountered a problem with antialiasing. In the legacy integration aa is set on the camera but with the new integration I'm setting 2x aa directly in the quality settings...

Adding Alpha CutOff to the Crossair Shader ?

Hi,i'm trying to add a "waiting circle" round the gaze-cursor used in the great new utilities samples. First i tried to duplicated the gaze-cursor and gave it a new material using the unlit/transparent cutout shader - but it seems that it's not worki...

Stencil shadows a la Quake 3

I've read somewhere that shadow mapping is absolutely bad for mobile VR.Would stencil shadows (a la Quake 3's shadows; not blobs) perform much better in VR ?Has anyone tried creating stencil shadows in Unity 5 non-Pro ? (is it even possible)

No position tracking

In Unity Editor and any builds I make I no longer have position tracking. (Reproduced in Unity 5.2.1p1 and 5.1.3p2).If I run the Oculus Demo app I get position tracking.If I run other apps, I also get position tracking.So it appears to be just with U...

MovieTexture on Gear VR

Hello guys, I know that MovieTexture don't work to Android and the plugin EasyMovieTexture don't work to Gear VROn Oculus SDK has a script called MoviePlayerSample.cs, and I'm trying to use it, but I don't know if i'm doing right, because I follow th...

Unity, Windows and OpenGL

I asked this question over on the Unity forums but have not had a response, so I thought I would ask here.My current project requires a native plugin for rendering and then compositing our content into the VR eyes. This renderer requires OpenGL.Since...

tyen by Level 2
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Reusing a rendered background image for both eyes

Hi there, I'm just getting into VR development with Unity 5.2...In the game I'm writing my world's background (i.e; the far distance) is procedural and rendered using a native C++ plugin. Since the background is far way it should appear the same for ...

[Gear VR] Gamepad controls

When adding support for a gamepad in Gear VR app/game using Unity, is it done as if it's for a regular Android game (using either an asset from asset store or Unity's API) or should it be done using Gear VR API ?Can gamepad controls be mixed with tou...

Oculus Utilities for Unity 0.1.0 Beta released

We have released the Oculus Utilities for Unity 0.1.0 beta. This package has basically the same API as our legacy Unity integration, but it's built with Unity's new first-party VR support (UnityEngine.VR). If you've been using Unity 5.1 with the new ...

vrdaveb by Oculus Staff
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Unite 2015 talk: Optimizing for Consumer VR

As promised, here are the slides from my Unite 2015 talk. We'd love to hear about the techniques you are using to hit frame rate. https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1SvmU1V6LV36_O1FYDhgWENClPkfK0GYpuIka_dmQIe4/pub

vrdaveb by Oculus Staff
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Performance Improvements ETA?

The performance I'm seeing with native Oculus integration in Unity 5.1 has been poor since it was released compared to the old script-based solution. On my Nvidia GTX 970, I'm seeing ~185FPS reduced to ~65FPS once I turn-on the Rift. I'd hoped that t...

Help with Unity 5.1 + Oculus

I had a play around with Unity plus Dk2 when we were on 0.4.3 runtime which all worked fine though a little fiddly.I've upgraded to a new computer and loaded the new v5.1 Unity .Have installed and running 0.6 OVR.Have downladed 0.6 SDK though I can't...

Zennor by Level 3
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Things moving in distance???

So I was playing around making a level in unity last night for the first time with the Rift - I noticed trees in the distance "Moving" along with my head movements?? Has anyone else noticed this? Is there a way to stop it from happening - I would lea...

Unity 5.1 first-party VR support

Unity version 5.1 adds first-party VR support that enables a stereoscopic VR camera for the Oculus Rift with the simple selection of a "Virtual Reality Supported" checkbox in Player Settings. We are extremely excited by this big step!Over the next fe...