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Application SpaceWarp breaks shader graph

Level 2

Currently it seems that once the SpaceWarp compatible URP fork is installed, all shaders graphs won't work anymore with the error on many nodes: `GePrevObjectToWorldMatrix`: function must return a value.


Is there an easy fix for those types of errors, or is SpaceWarp not yet ready to be used with shader graph?




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I already talked with one of the developers of space warp about this, currently, the space warp doesn't work with shader graphs, they are focus on code shaders, and I really don't understand that vision because the space warp for oculus quest only work on URP and the most used tool for shaders on URP is Shadergraph.

wow that's a really weird decision and a huge problem!

Level 3

This is a very useful forum post. I'll hold off on using SpaceWarp until its more mature. Hopefully Unity receives pull requests from other companies.