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Bug with Low Overhead Mode

Level 4
For about two months our Quest users have been reporting rare "blue blobs" appearing over their screen.  An example image is below, where the blobs are fixed size squares that move with the user's head.  

We determined it was related to a mid-frame z-buffer clear we perform, from one user who could get the problem reliably, but could not fix it by different ways of clearing the z-buffer.  Finally we remembered we had checked the "Low Overhead Mode" option around the time the problems began, and after unchecking it that user and nobody else has reported the problem in a week.

We know that a mid-frame z-clear is somewhat unusual but thought we'd report the problem here in case it rings a bell for anyone having a similar problem, or for Oculus devs to consider how that could be happening.  It's probably not a Unity-specific issue but we can't get repros on Unreal or the native API.  We also haven't seen this issue in the same app for the Go.

Unity: 2019.4.1f1
Oculus SDK: 1.49.0 (manual integration not XR plugin)
Platforms: Quest
Render pipeline: Built-in, not URP