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Deploying to a Oculus Rift S

Level 2

Hi Everyone, 


I'm a teacher for a community college and we are trying to set up a VR program for our students. 

I have some experience deploying to an Oculus Quest 2, but I can't seem to figure out how to deploy to an Oculus Rift S. 


I have not put the device into debug mode because I'm not really sure how. When I search for directions on the internet I get a step that reads something like "Log into your cell phone app".... wait a minute, the Rift can't connect to a cell phone. It almost feels like those directions might have been for the Quest.


Putting the headset into Debug mode might be the missing step. 


When I look at the Unity documentation, It seems like the directions for the Rift have been deleted. When I search for You Tube videos, I find videos on how to set up Unity, but not the headset it self. Plus, the videos are all dated, I'm not even sure if they are relevant anymore. 


Any helpful advice would  be great! 




Level 5

Open the Oculus app on your PC then click on Settings in the left hand list of options. From there you'll see what is essentially a tabbed interface (Account / Privacy / Payment / General / Beta).

Select 'General' and you'll see 'Unknown Sources' listed at the top, with an on/off slider.

Click it so it turns blue (on).

You'll now be able to run apps that aren't directly from the Oculus Store, i.e. anything you've developed yourself.