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Editor Play only works once with Quest Link.

Level 3

I've been using my Quest 2 with Quest Link for development for the last few months with no issues. However mysteriously around this week or last, (early July 2022), something has changed and now it only works the first time I hit play.  Subsequent times I get this warning:


Unable to start Oculus XR Plugin.
Possible causes include a headset not being attached, or the Oculus runtime is not installed or up to date.


Then I have to restart Unity to get quest link working again.  This is a massive productivity killer so hoping there is an easy fix to make unity editor play mode work repeatedly without requiring a restart.


Level 3

For anyone else hitting this, I found a temporary workaround by deleting my Rift application ID from the oculus platform settings.  

Level 2

I am hitting this also -- thanks for the post and for the workaround, will try now. Can confirm this is a total productivity killer.


Can you explain a bit more the steps to employ your workaround?