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Grabber for Oculus Interaction SDK

Level 3

Does anyone know how to force select an object?


I've been playing around with




 but I can't get an object to be force selected


Does anyone know how to acomplish this?


For extra details, I'm trying to have a static "grabber", like a socket so if an object is let go in the Trigger Collider the object snaps to that grabber.


Level 4

I believe the object has to be "hovered" first before it can be selected. I think there are some methods on interactor that can be used to do this. If you're manually grabbing, though, you probably want to call the "interactor" methods rather than the "interactable" methods, since the interactor in this case is what calls the rest of the events. (sometimes though, you need to call the "InteractorGroup" or "InteractorDriver" methods depending on what version of the sdk you're on)