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Headset Tracking noisy after re-enter guardian

Level 2



I use a Quest 2 with Link Cable and the Unity Oculus Runtime. Sometimes if I start the Application put on Headset and go into the play area (Guardian) the Headset Tracking is very noisy not stable or smooth and shakes even if I don't move my head. Its unplayable because it don't match my head movement. If I start the application while I am inside the Guardian, there is no Problem. It appears only with the Oculus Runtime, with OpenXR everything works fine. I am not sure if Oculus is doing some magic if the Player enters the field. Has someone encouterd the same Problem oder has a solution for me. 

I use the latest Unity LTS Version: Unity 2021.3.8f1
Oculus XR Plugin Version: 3.0.2
XR Plugin Management Version: 4.2.1