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I Frankeisteined a VR setup because i only found separate tutorials on Locomotion and Hand stuff

And also even those tutorials have been made in 1 year ago or something and the stuff they use doesn't exist anymore( The Components, etc from Oculus ). So i wonder if anyone could give me a tip if what i'm doing is kind of making sense.

I wanna do movement( playing is stitting Or standing not roomscale) and also Handtracking and or the option of touch controllers too.. So i used this tutorial series here( i'm not done watching it i'm in part 3).

Hand Tracking and Touch Controllers tutorials 


and then i used the tips from this page for locomotion 


And I dont know what the second thing meant by XR rig cause when i go to the GameObjectmenu/XR/ there's no thing called XR rig to select. So i didn't use that instead i just chose the Locomotion System under



So Summary is

I included the prefab called "INteractionRIgOVR" which contained everything for Hands and was already set up completely as opposed to the tutorials videos where they had to do it all by themselves. I guess that Prefab didn't exist when they made their videos.

Then i included the "Locomotiono System" , then i included "XR Origin" i dont know what that is but it seems i have to add it i just guessed .

WHen you add the XR Origin, it select the INteractionRigOVR's Camera as the camera and you can set the Floor as the Tracking origin.


Then finally i added a Teleportation Area object from GameObject menu/XR/Teleporatation Area and covered all my scene with it and made it invisible by unchecking the Mesh component.


Then in the Locomotion System object, in all the components that need it i added the Locomotion System in the fields. by the way I added Character Controller and Character Driver component to the locomotion System for colliders to work so that player cant go through walls.( tutorial in the second link i pointed said to do that).


Rigidbodies that i want to be interactible have to have

1. Collider

2. Rigidbody with Kinematic ON or add PHysicisTransformable component

3. Grababble component

4. Grab Interactible Component( And you add your rigidbody in the field)

This is for the Touch controllers to work

5. Hand Grab Interactible Component

This is for the Hand Tracking to work


OK That's it. does that sound about Ok for what i could combine from 2 different tutorials? Again, i'm not an expert not even a developer in nothing. The most i have developed is a little music program in unity but using zero codes.

And i wanna say I used Oculus Plug( not OpenXR) in under Project Settings XRManagement, and XR toolkit and the Oculus Interaction asset which is free from the Unity store.


Does this sound kind of a good set up? i include some picturespicpic



PS I wanna say i'm not a really a professional developer, just hobby guy who Tries things, i dont program much , mostly none, i just know a little. and i use visual tools


Hi Anyone have any help. this is not working at all.

The one i tried today that at least showed the lasers was adding XR( device based) putting it on the flooor of my sce and that at least showed lasers. But i dont know how to teleport or move with joysticks forward. Even if i add the Locomotion System from XR it doesnt' do anything.


And by the way i'm so confused. why are some thing Oculus and something XR?

Level 4

This is because those systems are not meant to be used together. OVR Rig is based on Oculus integration and provides somes features while XR Origin is provided by Unity and provides other...

This is kind of annoying to sort out which one you want to use because not all features are provided by both and in the end you're going to have to make a choice between one and the other.
There are a lot of other solutions that are not using OVR (oculus integration) or XRIT (unity's XR Interation Toolkit) and they provide a lot of tools for beginners.
You can look into UltimateXR (free) VRIF (40ich$) VRTK  (free) and probably a lot of other solutions.

What you have to keep in mind in that some components depend on some solutions. If you want to use the locomotion system provided by XRIT, you have to use XRIT...