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IAP GetProductList returning null?

Level 3

Hey community,

So I followed a couple tutorials to make sure I was setting this up right. However, everytime I try to grab the GetProductList it seems to be a null reference "NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object".


The app is on App Lab, has 3 products, one not published, and the other two published and all three have every section filled out (Images, name, descriptions, etc).


I have some images below of how the system is setup, if anyone knows why this is happening and a fix I would love to hear it!


Add-onsList.pngDataUseCheckup.pngFullErrorLog.pngThe error is where it says Debug.Log(msg.GetProductList().Count);The error is where it says Debug.Log(msg.GetProductList().Count);