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InputOVR Poke Interactor "Active State" and "Interactable Filters"

Level 2


I'm trying to get the poke interactor to only poke buttons when pointer finger is extended (otherwise I have lots of accidental pokes).  I'm using the CustomHandLeft and CustomHandRight prefabs.  I did a little workaround with a script that turns off the "Controller Pointer Pose" component when the hand collider is not active, but I noticed there is an optional "Active State" and "Interactable Filters" inputs in the ControllerPokeInteractor script component.  When I search the script, I don't see anything related to "Active State" or "Interactable Filters" and I can't find anything (or maybe don't understand) in the documentation.  It feels like I made a workaround for something that is already implemented (and probably implemented better than what I did).  Any help is appreciated.