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Issue with overlay keyboard breaking Interaction SDK hand tracking

Level 4

Using Unity 2021.3.4 and V40 integration package.

This can be tested with the "BasicPoke" demo scene. The following are the reproducible steps:

1) Adding a simple text input to a canvas, in this case CurvedUnityCanvas.

2) Build that scene and install.

3) Use hand tracking and select that input field

4) enter any text and press enter

5) Right hand interactivity is broken, left still works.

6) Press input field again now with left hand.

7) type anything end press enter.

😎 Now both hands are broken.

This issue doesn't happen with controllers. If you do the above steps then switch to controllers, everything with controllers still works which is notable. 


The temporary workaround is to use the programmatic way of opening the keyboard. 

TouchScreenKeyboard.Open("", TouchScreenKeyboardType.Default);

This does not break hand tracking.