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Issues with Oculus Link leading to inability to activate link or frequent Oculus app crashes

Level 4
We've seeing a lot of crashes and workflow instabilities from using Oculus Link + Quest with Unity recently (not sure if this is Unity specific though).
This happens across multiple machines, so doesn't seem to be driver or device specific.
We are using several Oculus Platform features (entitlement checks, P2P, Avatars) so some of it could be unmanaged code issues but not sure.

I'll try to describe the symptoms we're seeing here, because I don't know where they originate from.


Oculus app running, Link connected, Unity Editor running with VR scene → Oculus app crash
  • occasional (sometimes every 2min, sometimes every 30min) Oculus crash
  • sends "OVR.wantsShutdown" to Unity, stops VR from working
  • Oculus restarts automatically but Unity doesn't recover
  • ending play mode and starting play mode in Unity again does not resolve, needs resolution [1]
Oculus app running, Link not connected, trying to connect Link → black screen on Quest, no reaction anymore
  • after clicking "Oculus Link" in Quest, screen goes black. No reaction to any button presses. Need to unplug cable, then immediately back in Quest Home.
  • plugging cable back in asks for Link connection, but screen just goes black
  • resolution [1]

Sometimes, conditions not clear → Quest driver crash (?), needs Quest reboot
  • Oculus does not crash, Link connected, but starting VR in Unity yields black screen, no head motion
  • disabling link > can't be enabled anymore
  • resolution [2]
Oculus app running, Link connected, Unity running in VR → USB driver crash (?)
  • symptoms: several black flashes on screen, then a couple seconds (2-10s) where VR still works, then VR breaks, Oculus app restarts
  • sometimes resolution [1] helps, but mostly not
  • resolution [3] helps (PC restart, likely USB driver crash?)

Current Resolution strategies

Resolution [1]: restarting applications
  • close Oculus
  • close any running app accessing Oculus
Resolution [2]: rebooting Quest
  • close Oculus
  • reboot Quest
Resolution [3]: rebooting everything
  • reboot Quest
  • reboot PC
All of the above happen across multiple machines, happen what seems like under random conditions, and sometimes every 5 minutes.
Currently we're blocked from doing any kind of demos because this is happening so frequently (also on new machines) that we just can't demo without the risk of it crashing after 30s.

Really looking forward to some input here – is this known to Oculus? Are other people seeing similar instabilities?
Where can we send a reproduction project to?