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Leaderboard Entries Working But User IDs Are Blank

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a project with Unity v2018.4.16f1 Windows Standalone 64-bit, using VRTK
and the Oculus Integration package, Oculus Utilities v1.52.0, OVRPlugin
v1.52.1, SDK v1.55.0. Also has the Oculus Desktop package in at version
1.38.4, which is necessary for XR Settings>Virtual Reality
Supported, but it doesn't seem to cause a conflict and behavior doesn't
change if I just go delete the DLLs out of the package and restart Unity
just to be sure the DLLs reloaded.

I've got several leaderboards set up on the dashboard. I can call
Core.Initialize with my App ID and it calls back as a success with no
error. I can submit scores to the various leaderboards via
Oculus.Platform.Leaderboards.WriteEntry() no problem. And when I
call Oculus.Platform.Leaderboards.GetEntries() I can get each
leaderboard's list of LeaderboardEntry objects, which come back with the
correct rank, score, and ExtraData just fine. But each entry's User
value in the list is a default struct, its values are all empty strings,
zeroed out, or null.
This lets me display the leaderboards,
but none of the usernames on those leaderboards. I can't even check to
see whether the user's own ID is on there because they're all 0s. There
are no errors in the log related to this.

Any ideas how to debug this? Is there some setting on the dashboard I missed?


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Did you ever find out what the problem was? Was it an issue with data request permission?

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Having the same issue. @LittleUtah did you figure it out?

Ya, you have to fill out the data usage request form. You will be approved immediately after submitting. After you do that, it will work. Or at least it did for me. 


Thank you so much! This solved it for me. I wish that the developer documentation said something like that in there,

What was the data use checkup category you use for that? UserId?