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New Quest2 not allowing Unknown Sources

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I've been using my old Rift1 and Quest1 to develop a game (targeting both Quest and Rift) in Unity for a few months.

Just got a Quest2, and it refuses to accept that I've got Unknown Sources enabled in my Settings>General, so it won't allow SteamVR -- neither actual SteamVR games nor Unity's Play-mode.  It just stays with the "This software hasn't been tested/verified... ...go to Settings>General in the Oculus Software" warning in the HMD even though I can see the HMD's position updating in Unity.

I accidentally got it to work a couple of times by plugging my Quest1 in, toggling Unknown Sources off and back on a couple of times while running the level in Unity... and then plugging in the Quest2 ... but I'm like... this isn't right.

Has anyone else experienced something similar?  Any ideas as to what's going wrong and how to fix it?