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No Occlusion Mesh on Quest?

Level 3
Hi there, 
I'm just looking for confirmation that there is no Occlusion Mesh for the Quest. We have a custom SRP which calls 
before we do any Rendering of scene geometry. This works as expected for PC/Rift and in the Editor, however RenderDoc shows that nothing is happening on the Quest:

We are using Unity 2019.3.5, is this intended behaviour or should I file a bug report?

Thanks in advance!


Level 3
Have you found more info on that ? I mean any performance uplift on Quest is crucial, right? 

Level 3
I don't know if this has anything to do with it, but I stumbled across the following in the Unity 2019.4.10 release notes:
Fixed XRSettings.useOcclusionMesh, XRSettings.occlusionMaskScale, XRSettings.stereoRenderingMode, XRDevice.fovZoomFactor.

Level 3
If you're using an oculus package that is pre new XR Plugin Management System, then there's also OVRPlugin.occlusionMesh = true . I've forced this to enable and XRSettings.useOcclusionMesh too but i am not sure it's really doing that much, as OVRPlugin.occlusionMesh is set to false automatically after. I also added a Debug.Log to XRUtils.cs (in Universal Render Pipeline package) where the draw occluion mesh function of XR resides, and apparently it is at least issuing the draw command.But i can't find any evidence in Render Doc that the occlusion mesh is actually drawn.

Level 3
This has been resolved ! 
can't post the link to the unity forum but this is the gist of it
Quote: I was informed, by Oculus, that Occlusion Mesh is not (at least currently) supported on Quest. Using Fixed Foveated Rendering should be a comparable performance boost.