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OVR Custom Hands are offset and have the wrong orientation

Level 2
I am working in a team of 5, we are using Unity 2019.2.17 for our game and using Perforce as source control. We implemented the custom hands into our project and it worked for a while but out of nowhere my hands started being offset from my original hand position. None of my teammates have this issue and I don't see this issue in other unity projects or applications either. I have tried reinstalling unity, deleted and got the revisions of the entire project, and also re imported the oculus integration. 

What should I do to fix this problem?

Level 2
I'm having the exact same problem, except this is my first time setting up a VR project with controllers instead of hand tracking (which worked just fine a few months ago). I'm on Unity 2019.1.8f1, Oculus Integration 1.38 (I downgraded in hopes of adding VRTK). The tracking is accurate and the hand poses, locomotion & grabbing all work, but the models themselves are floating nearly 1 unit ahead of me. The rotation of the hands is a bit weird at times too.


I double-checked that the transforms for my OVRPlayerController, OVRCameraRig and CustomHandLeft/Right were set to 0. Not sure what else the problem could be.

This might be a dumb question, but are you on Mac Catalina too? I've seen that mess up things like shader compiling and importing .ogg files (according to some angry forum threads), but I don't wanna jump to conclusions.

Level 2
EDIT: In hindsight the solution I previously posted will likely break OVRGrabber script so I've removed it.