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OVRInteractionSampleRig, Controllers fine but Hands appear to the side kind of far, how to fix that?

Whenever i let go of the controllers and do hands only, the hands appear after a litte while but they're off to the side kind of to the rear of me and far. I'm not understanding why they dont appear in front of me. Do i have to change some settings?


The rig by defautl the OVR Camerarig child is already set to Tracking: Floor, and pretty much i guess they set it up for you( the oculus team) so it should work but it doesn't. what am i doing wrong?


Ok so this is what's happening when i add the

OVRInteractionSampleRig to my scene it works great and it feels planted on the ground in my Unity scene. But as soon as i add a OVRPlayerController component for locomotion to the OVRCameraRig child, it does't look anymore like it's planted on the ground, and the hands instead of how they were in front of me,,, are now way over on the right and kind of to the rear of me.


Why does this happen? I saw a pretty experrt VR guy do it in his tutorials and this doesnt happen to him.