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OVRVolumeController missing in Utilities for Unity 5 v 1.5?

Level 2
I am building a gear app and was rejected because I did not have a long press back button option. I have downloaded the newer utilities for Unity 5 v 1.5 and implemented the new OVRPlatformMenu script that includes the long press back button menu option. That all seems to work fine.

 My point of confusion is that now the OVRVolumeControl script is missing and the volume overlay does not appear. 

What is the right way for handling volume input now? Is this file just missing again, or is it implemented differently? Is there an example project someone can direct me to the uses the volume control?

I am running Unity 5.3.5f1

Oculus Staff
Only Unity 5.3.5p6 and up are compatible with Utilities 1.5.0 and up. I would recommend upgrading to Unity 5.3.6p1 if possible. If you can't, then please use Utilities 1.4.0 or older, which still include OVRVolumeControl.