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Oculus Integration for Unity - 1.32.1 (01/22/19)

Community Manager
Community Manager
The latest version of our Oculus Integration for Unity can always be found on the Unity Asset Store. More information about this release can be found here.

Due to compatibility issues we do not recommend using the any 2018.3.x versions of the Unity Editor for Oculus development. If you need to use a 2018.3.x version, or need to fix a broken project, please see the workaround forum post - Using the Oculus Integration with Unity 2018.3.x.

1.32.1 Update Notes

1.32.1 fixes a pair of issues introduced in 1.32.0:

  • Fixed an issue where some users with older CPUs were unable to use the latest Oculus Integration.
  • Fixed an issue where users were unable to successfully import the latest Oculus Integration into the Unity Editor.

New Features

  • Added the Oculus Profiler Panel to provide real-time metrics for all development builds. Use the Oculus Profiler Panel to debug and optimize your app during development.
  • Added OVROverlay support to Unity Cross-Platform Development.
  • The Sample Framework now ships as part of the Oculus Integration. Changes to the Oculus Samples will be captured as part of the Oculus Integration release notes.
  • Improved performance of the Rift occlusion mesh to reduce a high GPU cost with OVRPlugin. The Unity editor preview may be smaller as the new occlusion mesh culling is more aggressive.

Integration Changes

  • The Unity Integration 1.32 contains the following changes to the Oculus Integration for Unity package:
    • Update the Oculus Utilities to 1.32.1
    • Update the Platform SDK to 1.32
    • Update the Audio Spatializer to 1.32

Sample Changes

  • The Unity Sample Framework has been updated for the 1.32 release. The new or rewritten sample scenes are listed below. Please visit the updated documentation for more information about the new Sample Framework and how you can use the samples to build your app.
SceneConcept Illustrated
AvatarGrabDemonstrates the use of Avatar hands to grab and manipulate predefined objects.
LocomotionProvides a framework for moving an Avatar through an environment with support for linear movement, teleports and related input, and visual effects.
OVROverlayDemonstrates how creating a UI with a
compositor layer improves image quality and text clarity in comparison to an application layer UI.
CustomHandsDemonstrates the use of custom hand models. Developers can use this as a starting point for their own hands by building on the existing models and animations.
DistanceGrabDemonstrates the use of custom hands to grab and manipulate objects at a distance by having them zoom toward your hand.
GuardianBoundarySystemIllustrates use of
API to interact with the Guardian System outer boundary and play area.
CustomControllersDemonstrates custom controller models and interactive animations. While discouraged for use in gameplay, developers may want to use controllers in some specific cases, such as tutorials or demos.
DebugUIAn isolated example of the debug UI used in other sample scenes. By adding the
prefab to your project, developers can easily create UIs like the one in this scene.
MixedRealityCaptureA scene with mixed reality capture enabled.
StartSceneUsed when building to create a menu from which to select one of these sample scenes.

About the Oculus Unity Integration

Unity provides built-in VR support for the Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, and Oculus Go. The Oculus Integration for Unity package adds scripts, prefabs, samples, and other resources to supplement Unity’s built-in support. The package includes an interface for controlling VR camera behavior, a first-person control prefab, a unified input API for controllers, advanced rendering features, object-grabbing and haptics scripts for Touch, debugging tools, and more. For more information, see our Unity Getting Started Guide.

Level 2
Hi, I try the locomotion scene but in the « Node teleport w/ A button» mode the laser stay red and don’t move.
Where is the mistake? I changed nothing, I’m on unity 2018.2.13f1.

Can’t move the destination target in the two other mode. 😞

Not applicable
where can i get oculus intergration 1.32.1 now