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Oculus Quest Stops Positioning and Rotating, Camera stuck at origin

I have had this issue for at least a week.

The Quest will stop tracking position and rotation when I put the headset on. It has happened in the Home environment. It has also happened when I open my built app, when I have Link Mode active with my desktop, and when running my app through Oculus Link from Unity on my desktop. It also stops detecting the controllers altogether.

I have experienced this on two separate Quests, both running V37 (Runtime (I have more than 2 Quests, but I do not use the rest as often)

Issue is intermittent, but moderately frequent. The first time it happened was a week ago. Some combination of waiting and unmounting/mounting headset seems to fix the issue, temporarily. I cannot pinpoint a specific cause, nor a definite solution as of yet. 

Issue does not happen in the middle of a session, that is, I have only noticed it when I first put the headset on.

I have looked at the device logs from Developer Hub, but nothing pops out to me as being the cause. Can provide if needed.

I would provide a video, but all it would be is a static view. In fact, I will attach screenshots as soon as I can reproduce the issue.

Has anyone else experienced anything like this?



And now it does not seem to happen? Nothing really changed.