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Oculus Quest developer connection issues iMac

Level 2

I have set up Unity on both my Macs. One is iMac the other MacBook Pro. Both running Big Sur latest version.

My Unity projects are on a removable drive. A simple Unity test scene will be uploaded to Oculus Quest 2 in developer mode through link cable. Works great! But only on MacBook Pro.


On the iMac the exact same project will compile. Oculus is connected, shows up in Build Settings dialog but nothing ever shows up in the Oculus after build is done.


To add insult to injury, this HAS worked on the iMac before.


Not sure if it's related but when Oculus is plugged into MacBook Pro it shows up in the USB Device Tree. Not so on the iMac (but it still shows in the Unity Build Settings).


And again, it has worked before. It is the same project run from a removable drive.


Developing on the larger and faster iMac would be so much better.