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Oculus Touch + Unity UI samples?

Level 4
Are there any samples somewhere around / or tutorial like information about using the Touch controller with Worldspace UI's in Unity?

So not the 'gaze' based UI but using the Touch controllers to navigate the UI.

Thanks in advance for helping me out.

Level 4
Thanks for replying! looking forward to the samples

Level 4
Hi has there been any progress on this sample? Also I can't seem to find any documentation on touch controllers interacting with Unity's UI system? Can anyone provide some links other than the Gaze input sample?

This is really easy to change if you take Oculus's supplied code for a Input Module, all you have to do is change the Transforms from referencing the main camera or in this case Center Eye Camera to your Touch controller. So the Raycast comes from your controller model instead of the Camera.


This has been in the sample framework for Unity 5 for a while now. See 'ovrinputmodule'.

Ahh cool, I had to modify it myself to work before, hadn't checked it out in a while.