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Recording a Rift Play Like a Normal Play

Level 2
Here's the question: how would I go about leaving positional tracking for the Rift on, but having the Rift display just one camera like a normal monitor?

Obviously you lose the depth perception and wearing the Rift wouldn't be a very pleasant experience, but here's why I want to do it:

I need to record a playthrough showing a webcam video of me using the Rift put next to the video that I'm seeing, but that video needs to be as clear as possible, so not the dual-camera setup.

Here's a test example I did:

Rather than just show them one distorted eye, I'd rather show them a 'normal' view from a single camera. Any idea how to accomplish this? Thanks!

Thanks so much!

Oculus Staff
You could disable all the rendering code in OVRCamera and OVRCameraController, disable both of the eye Cameras, and then add a Camera to a GameObject that's half-way between the eyes. You could achieve that by making it a child of the left eye and making its local position (0.5 * IPD, 0, 0).

Level 2
Thanks vrdaveb-- how do I know which code to disable in OVRCamera and OVRCameraController? Is it just anything with the word 'render' in it? Thanks again.

Level 2
Hey vrdaveb,
I have tried to disable the rendering in code but I have not been successful. I couldn't figure out how to deactivate the render without turning the tracker off as well.
Could you explain a bit more in detail how to switch the render off? That would help me tremendously with my current project.

Thanks a lot

Level 2
@FisherDachs: Does the person wearing the rift need to be able to see the environment? In your demo video it looks like the person would need to see the environment in order to make a "convincing" recording. If so, I have two solutions that may help you.

1) You could record the player's head movements and play them back and capture that as your undistored first person view.
2) You could network your VR experience with the Rift as the server and the undistorted and webcam view as the client. If you attach a networkview to the OVRCameraController and sync the ID with a camera in your client you should be able to run both players at the same time and use some video capture software on the client window.

Personally I think option #2 is way easier to implement.

EDIT: Latency for the network solution really shouldn't be a problem since the server is localhost.

Hope this helps.

Level 3
Would post-processing be a possible solution?

Level 2
You could post process. However I think having a true first person view is probably what the OP is going after. I could be wrong however 😉