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Seeking assistance w\ connecting quest 2 to Unity

Level 2

Hello All,


I'm trying to connect my Quest 2 to Unity for test out a small VR world. Ive used prefabs from Unity and have been following tutorials from unity throughout this process. When I go to hit the "play" button in unity, it says it cannot run play-mode "until all compiler errors has been resolved". It's over my head because to this point I've been following tutorials. Pretty lost as to where I even begin trouble shooting. Hopefully you have some advice! Thanks!


Level 5

tbh this doesn't strictly belong on htis forum, nor does it have anything to do "w\ connecting quest 2 to Unity".

At this stage, as you're obviously still learning about Unity, you're probably best asking on their community forums. You'll get a lot more help there (there are more people active and willing to help).


cannot run play-mode "until all compiler errors has been resolved"

- means exactly what it says. You need to fix all errors before Unity will let you go into play mode (or create a build for that matter).

There'll be one or more script errors highlighted in your console (Go to Window > General > console or Shift Cntrl C to open the console if it isn't already visible). Select each error and read what it tells you. They're quite often a lot more helpful than people give them credit for. Once all the red errors are cleared, you should be able to run your project.

Level 4

Have you made sure you went through everything and enabled oculus access and have the start/play button properly written as well?

Thanks Zach. It was an issue with enabling oculus access. Thanks for your advice!

Level 4

You're welcome! I'm glad I knew the solution