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Stereoscopic 360 video

Level 2
I'm curious if anyone has had any luck getting high quality 360 stereoscopic video with decent playback inside of Unity on the Oculus.

I've been able to get video with okay/decent playback thus far by mapping video textures to 2 spheres, then culling the cameras of the left and right eye to their specific sphere. But it still just seems okay, and not as high fidelity as I would hope. (Granted, I don't have the most amazing source files to work with; it's basically whatever I find online). So I'm not sure if the quality is more my fault on the implementation side, or just the source I have to work with.

The Jaunt VR Paul McCartney experience is probably the best example of what I've seen out there, (though it struggles at times as well, often throwing up a "inferior playback" message for me:

Thank you!

Level 4
Hey InsideDown-

We're using this exact technique for a few upcoming projects.

There are many factors that can really impact playback. The quality of the material, the video frame rate, the amount of compression on it, the film codec, movie display method in Unity, the computer, and what else is occurring in the scene outside of the player. The film codec and compression seem to be the big two that hurt us at first.

But once you play with these enough you should be able to see very nice frame rates even on older computers. Hope this helps a bit and happy to share any more info if handy.

Level 3
Are you guys using any 3rd party assets to play the videos in Unity? I can really only find one that seems to be geared towards hi-res playback in Unity, and so far I'm not so impressed with it unfortunately.