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TCP Connection broken in Recent Update

Level 3
I've been using WinSock2 to have the Oculus Quest as a client for a C++ server. It's been working fine during development for quite a while until a recent update on the Quest. I don't know what changed in the past 2 weeks, but something broke the TCP connection. When I do the C# command Socket.Connect(endpoint), it halts indefinitely.

I've tried all my past builds with the exact same setup. Everything still works in Unity while testing. When I run it on the Quest, it's specifically Socket.Connect(endpoint) that no longer works. I know my PC and the Quest are communicating since I have UDP scripts that are sending info over the network and those are working.

Any ideas for why TCP suddenly broke?

Level 3
Edit: **System.Net.Sockets.
I'm not using WinSock2. I was using that for the HoloLens

Level 3
Turns out that my Wi-FI turned itself into a Public connection, while it needed to be Private for the sharing features. If any of you run into this problem, make sure you turn on home sharing!

Hi! 🙂 Is your C++ server running on a pc in the same network? Do you know if I can do something similar with Python? Thank you so much!!! It would be so useful!

Well that's interesting. So socket connections don't start if the wifi is public? I wonder if that's documented somewhere. I'm curious what the reasoning is.