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Trouble with Achievements in Unity (Testing)

Level 2

Hello there!


I'm a new to Oculus SDK developing. I need to add achievement in my game and facing some problems with it.


I already install Oculus Integration to unity and implement just one unlock function of one achievement, that already has been added to my dashboard as simple client-authoritative with name "COMPLETE_TUTORIAL".


I also setup Platform Settings in Unity editor with some test email/password from my test user in dashboard and type in APP_ID there. For some reason I also initialize Oculus.Platform.Core.Initiailize(APP_ID) in code.


After that I invoke Oculus.Platform.Achievements.Unlock("COMPLETE_TUTORIAL") when custom event happened in game. In editor I also debug this moment and code is reachable and works.

Then I build my game and send apk to Quest 2 and try get this achievement in game, but nothing happened when I finished my event...


Need some help with this... I think, maybe I should upload game to dashboard? I'd appreciate any help!


Level 2

Someone already work with it?

Level 2

Very helpful forum and community! Thanks!

Level 2

Hi, I'm currently facing the same issues, I'm porting a game from Rift to Quest 2. On the Rift achievements work fine. I updated the ID to the new Project ID but running the apk on the Quest 2 did not unlock any achievements. Did you get it to work? If not, maybe I will figure it out and than give you a quick summary. If that is still a thing for you, considering that your post is half a year old now.