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Unable to merge android manifests

Level 2

Hope anyone is able to help. in Unity, I've created an AndroidManifest.xml file using Tools > Oculus > Create store-compatible AndroidManifest.xml, problem is, when I try to build the APK I get an error that says Unity is unable to merge android manifests.

The only way I'm able to make a build is to delete the AndroidManifest.xml  file from the Assets\Plugins\Android directory. Problem is if I upload this APK it doesn't pass validation.

Can someone please point out what do I need to do ? I'm using Unity 2018.2.13f1 also Using Oculus Integration v.1.30.1

Thanks in advance.

Level 2
Found the issue!

For other users that experiencing the same problem: Check your plugins folders. Some plugs you might be using for your project have their own AndroidManifest.xml files with parameters that are colliding with the Oculus generated one.

In my case it was a Google Cardboard one that was giving me the problem, removed it and no more merging issues.

Level 3
I wanted to follow up with this.  We are having the same problem.  We have created an app that is being developed for 
  1. Google Cardboard (Android/iOS)
  2. Oculus Go/GearVR, and Rift
I have the current system based off a simple Google VR camera with gaze selection.  This works perfectly on Cardboard as well as in a Windows build, and also I can load the app onto the Go/Gear, and it works perfectly.  However, when trying to upload the APK to the Oculus Store, it fails and tells me I have to follow the guidelines for the AndroidManifest settings.  So I do.  I have included the Oculus Utilities for Unity, and followed all of the steps to create the store-compliant AndroidManifest.xml file.  I have even deleted all other Android Manifest files from the project (there are quite a few templates)so that there are no other Android files in the project.  I follow the Oculus recommended steps to replace the Android Manifest with the store-compliant version.  I also made sure that I removed the Cardboard VR from the XR settings, leaving only Oculus.  

When I build, it still gives me an error saying "Unable to merge Android Manifest files."

I noticed that even with no manifest files in the project, Unity creates one in the StagingArea folder at build time.  Is this what is creating problems?  How do we resolve this merge issue?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

Unity 2018.2.14f1 64 bit Windows