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Unity 4.5 now supports skybox with Rift

Level 3
From the Changelog:
"Fixed Skybox rendering when using custom camera projection matrices (e.g. when doing stereo rendering like Oculus Rift)."

This is great news and makes development even easier : )

Level 5
"Qix" wrote:
Looking at the sky reflection in water is messed up. Very uncomfortable. Looking up at the sky and it's perfect. Sky reflection in the water gives me a massive headache. I've tried different water shaders but all do the same.

Anyone come across this also?

TO be honest i don't like too much the default water of Unity pro.. is really really heavy for the perfomance!

Level 3
Where can i find the new skypbox prefab or option in Unity? At the moment as soon as i delete the generic camera and drop the OVR prefab i no longer have a skybox. I found a post from 2014 using a script built by a forum member named 'Nora' which works fine, but im wondering if there is now an official skybox that is in Unity or the OVR prefab that i should be using?