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Unity + GearVR + StencilBuffers = Weird

Level 4
Doing a project that employs a stencil buffer as a kind of x-ray screen in front of the user. If you get too close to the object that is being masked the diffuse texture from that object will be projected onto the walls and other pieces of geometry in the scene. This doesn't happen in editor and I'm trying to downgrade now from Unity 5 to try to find the failure point.

Any ideas?

Level 4
Can't downgrade to 4.6...

Level 15
This sounds related to this issue: viewtopic.php?f=67&t=21985

Can you check there and see if you get any ideas?

Level 4
Thanks for the link. It appears this is the same issue but none of the attempts in that thread solve this for me. Is there any other information on this issue? I've tried lots of approaches and nothing is solving this.