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Unity XR Management and right eye rendering issue

Level 2
With the new XR management system installed in Unity I can only render to the right eye if I set the Camra Target to 'Both"  If
I set the target to "Right" it wont render to the right eye. This is
important to me because I use two cameras and have one camera target eye
set to left and the other set to right. I need to be able to do this
because I need to be able to independently control each eye and display
different things in each eye individually. That may sound weird but I
develop eye training apps.

Everything works fine if I don't install the XR management system.

I should also point out that if I use the OVRCameraRig and the XR
Management System it renders to both eyes even when I set targets to
Left and Right but its double vision and some other weird stuff. Again
it all works fine with legacy VR

Could someone please try two cameras and set the targets to left and right eyes and let me know if their right eye renders? Or use the OVRCameraRig and set "use per eye cameras" and see if its messed up double vision.

This is multipass. Single pass cant be used for independent eye rendering.

Im using unity 2019.4.1f1

Oculus Rift

Level 2
I have the same issue with Oculus Rift too,
I was using 2 cameras using target eyes Left and Right respectively, was working till I installed the new XR management system. I installed every OpenVR and steamVR resources and now try to work with XR cameras as XR rig still I can't target eyes separatly, if target both eyes is selected it displays on both eyes, but if one camera target left and an other target right I only see on Left eye... 
I tryed several manipulation with 2 cameras rigs, still I can't render a différent view to right eye...

On Oculus 2019.4.4f1

Hope we will go threw this issue...

Level 2
I have the exact same issue. Very disappointing that there doesn't seem to be a solution.

Level 2
I think I might have finally found a solution by using a custom shader. This bulletin board doesn't let me post links or attachments, but I'd be happy to share it if you message me.

Level 2

I know it a bit late but someone else might come across this.
in Unity 2019 onwards if you use shader graf custom function and put 
OUT = unity_StereoEyeIndex; 
in as the string with an OUT as a float, it will return a 0 for the left eye and 1 for the right.



Level 2

Did you figure out how to render to each eye individually? I’m also trying to achieve this and would really appreciate the guidance of someone far more experienced than I am.

Hi John -- I'm interested in that custom shader. My email is Thanks!