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Unity game no longer works with Oculus Quest 2 Link?

Level 2

I tried running the Unity game in editor, while I am connected with Oculus Link to my Quest 2 on my Windows machine.

The game runs, but it is stuck on "Loading app" inside the quest 2 headset.

I even built the game into an executable, and the same thing happens with the win32 executable of my game, made by Unity.

I am using Unity 2021.2.17f1

Any idea why this happens?

Restarting the PC doesn't help.

Tries connecting, and disconnecting the Quest 2.

The link works otherwise.

I can see the Rift room, and I can use my PC with Desktop view inside the Rift menu.


Level 3

I have the same issue with a native OpenXR app. It gets to XR_SESSION_STATE_READY but no further.