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Unity physical touch grabbable hand tracking , Touch Hand Grab Interactor, Hand Poke Interactor...

 I am trying to get hand tracking to work as both a collider with objects and with the ability to grab them with the hands. In the example scene that comes with the Oculus SDK interaction kit there is one called TouchGrabExamples. In this scene there is a chess piece that displays all the qualities that I would like to apply to other objects in my scenes but no matter what I try I cannot seem to make the chess piece style combo work on other objects OR for that matter get it to run in other scenes. There must be something I am missing. (or most likely a lot of things that I am missing) 


I am using the FullsyntheticOVRrig as the camera and setting up touch hand grab interactor and hand poke interactor and then attempting to pick up the chess piece which! so i can grab it but now my hand simply passes through it ... so there is no rigid body ? I can't find any tutorials about this seemingly simple but obviously complex interaction of wanting an object to be both solid and grabbable ... with hand tracking in unity. 


If anyone else is struggling with this problem or has solved it in another way please let me know where I can find information on this?