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XR management + Oculus integration - HMDmounted, getboundaryconfigured

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I just attempted to upgrade to Unity 2020.1.17f1 along with XR management 3.2.17 and Oculus XR Plugin 1.6.1. I'm still using the old Oculus camera rig setup, but just trying to get out ahead of deprecation. I ran into some issues which took me quite a while to figure out - specifically that HMDmounted / unmounted events were not fired, and that OVRManager.GetBoundaryConfigured always returns false (I chased this one all the way back to the .dll). I'm sure that there are a bunch of other things that no longer work, but after finding these I threw my hands up and went back to 2019.4 + the deprecated XR system. Has anyone else ran into this? Does anybody know if this will get fixed?


Level 7

Same issue - the HMDMounted / HMDUnmounted events no longer fire in OpenXR.


And OVRPlugin.userPresent ALWAYS returns true.